Indian is among the vast and diversified country in the world. From tropical beaches, languid backwater to snowcapped Himalayan Mountains, there are many sites you can enjoy visiting in India. Also, if you are a food lover, you can’t miss trying some of the best Indian cuisines available in every city in India. With all these amazing sites and things to enjoy, India is still among the cheapest places you can travel to in the world. However, before you go to India, here are thing to tips to help you out.

Tips on how to eat healthy in India.

India has a rich culture when it comes to cuisines. People love India because they are able to embrace the incredible cuisines prepared to perfection. Eating in India can be taxing for a few travelers, but there are some precautions you can take. To start with be aware of some simple rules such as:

  • Eating less food
  • Use sanitizer often
  • Avoid tap water and consider drinking only bottled water
  • Choose packaged food items
  • Eat at popular restaurants only

These rules will help avoid eating or drinking contaminated foods in the process avoiding getting sick and returning home hale and hearty. Also remember to skip the appetizer, choose Tandoori items, search for turmeric, stick to chickpeas and lentils and be wise about the bread you eat. After knowing what you need to eat to stay healthy, the next step is knowing what you can do to burn calories while you are in India.

How to burn calories in India

There are many ways you can burn calories in India. Being a country with gorgeous mountains and hills, India offers a magical place where you can hike, go backpacking or even camping.  Aside from Hiking, you can also do some exercises like Hatha yoga, slow cycling, Low-impact aerobics, a walk, jogging, swimming and water aerobics among others. All these exercises are used to burn calories, but the most preferred way of burning calories is resistance training. Resistance training will help you to burn calories during and after the exercise.  It will also help you get lean muscles and burn more fat.

India is country with not only diverse mountains, hill, and forest, but a lot of different climates too. However, the best time to visit the country is between October/November to March/April. These are the winter months in India and the best months to visit this beautiful country.

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