Are you thinking of traveling or backpacking to any country soon? Well, why you don’t try visiting Nicaragua. Located in Central America, Nicaragua is the best country for people who love beaches, partying in the town, stunning landscape and also watching volcanos. Unlike any other places, Nicaragua is relatively easy to place to go to. It’s small, cheap and safe, meaning you can travel wherever you want and not fear about your safety.

What you need to know about Nicaragua Diet

When traveling to Nicaragua, among the things you need to try is their cuisines. The people in this country love a simple, delicious, low-cost and nutritious diet. Although most of the meals are simple, they are extra delicious. If you want to experiment, go ahead and visit a restaurant and try preparing them for yourself. Some of the things you need to try in this country include:

  • Red beans: Nicaragua dish comprises of many things, but the red beans are always on the menu. For instance, the Gallo Pinto dish consists of rice and red beans.
  • Corn: Nicaraguans love cornmeal made using grinded dried maize. The cornmeal is called tamales. Tamales consist of corn dough stuffed with vegetables, cheeses, and meat all wrapped in a banana leaf.
  • Plantains: these large bananas are almost available in every diet. Unlike other yellow bananas, plantains are inedible raw. Usually, they are baked or friend and used to make other dishes.
  • Fish and egg: if you love fish and eggs. Then Nicaragua is the place to be. People from this country consume seafood and fish regularly. Also, they love crumbled or fried eggs to accompany their Gallo pinto dish.

Other things like cabbage, avocado, cilantro, mangos, and lime are found in every market and restaurant available. Also, while in Nicaragua, here are some of the super foods that will help you stay healthy. Chia seeds fare excellent supplies of calcium, protein, fiber and other essential fatty acids. Dragon fruit, also called pittaya, provides vitamin C. Culantro, also known as cilantro is a superfood is high in iron and calcium and also great for detoxification.

Burning calories in Nicaragua

There are various activities you can engage in to stay healthy. Nicaragua local love baseball, but you also engage in soccer and surfing. Nicaragua enjoys football, but the widely viewed game is baseball. To burn more calories, find places where you can enjoy soccer or even baseball if that is what you love.

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