With ancient cities, a smiling sun, golden beaches, exciting safaris, adventure sport, and colorful culture, Sri Lanka is a country that most people should visit at least once in their lifetime. Sri Lanka is a little island found at the tip of India. It is one country with marvelous discoveries and a nice place if you love exploring the wilderness. Those who love Ayurveda wellness holiday, a quick business trip or a relaxing gateway is not left behind. The incredible mix of this country offers everyone to enjoy to activities they love most in their life. However, before you visit this place, check the following tips and recommendation.

Tips to stay healthy in Sri Lanka

We all know eating right is the best prevention against diseases. This saying is perfect when you visit Silence. Sri Lanka is one of the countries with diverse cuisines. Everything found in Sri Lanka is fit for human consumption, but if you are not careful, you might end up adding a few pounds while there. To help you stick to a balanced diet, eat right and maintain your weight, try the following guidelines.

  • Avoid restaurants and stall with unhealthy surrounding
  • Always drink bottled water and soft drinks
  • Try the local cuisines, but at a place with clean surrounding
  • Always use your hand sanitizer
  • Consume only properly cooked food.

Sri Lanka is known for its love for vegetable preparations and seafood dishes. While eating doesn’t forget to try things like tasty seafood, passion fruit juice, along with toddy and also try oil cakes and Kavun among other cuisines. Other things to keep in mind include knowing the coast is all about seafood and fish, Rice and curry is the meal of choice for the locals, Short eats, filled bread, fried snacks and various pastries and absolutely delicious and the Sri Lank tea tastes better than coffee.

How to stay healthy in Sri Lanka

Just like India, there are activities you can engage in to stay healthy. Taekwondo, hiking, backpacking, tennis, running or even taking a bliss walk are some of them. To start with Sri Lanka loves taekwondo. Taekwondo has been the official sport in this country for years. Taekwondo helps you to burn more calories and stay healthy and fit at the same time. The sport is taught almost everywhere in the country, so you don’t have to worry about where to train. Your host will always find a place for you.

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