Are you planning tie visit Thailand anytime soon, or you want to go for a vacation, and you don’t know where to go? Well, Thailand is the place to be. For many years Thailand has been and is still is the center of the universe for backpackers. With its amazing lush jungles, world-class diving and famed beaches, and delicious foods, this country is an attraction to visitors from all corners of the world. While you are still planning to visit Thailand, the following tips will come in handy

What you should do to stay healthy

Like other countries, there are things you need to avoid to stay healthy in Thailand. Things, like drinking tap water, and eating anything that can be considered as sitting around for a short while, are some of the things you need to avoid. Also, you should be careful of dengue fever, food poisoning and leptospirosis among other complications. You also need to protect yourself from mosquitoes as they are the cause of Dengue and malaria transmission in Thailand. Also, be cautious when touring the Koh Phi Phi, Phuket and Krabi beaches to avoid Box jerry fish. A Box Jerry Fish sting is a painful and potentially fatal.

Food tips to abide by

When it comes to food, Thai has the best tasting cuisines. The Thai curry also uses coconut milk, which makes it healthier than Indian curry. Another curry is the Thai lean curry. This curry supplies your body with 23g of carbs and 45g of protein per plate. Other food to try include a smoothie Bowl. The Best smoothie Bowl in Thailand is the Cacao Smoothie Bowl made from raw, organic, and vegan superfoods. Also, a Spirulina Smoothie bowl is a perfect substitute for Cacao.

Burn calories in Thailand

There are different ways to burn calories in Thailand. If you love Tai Chi, then you should have no difficulties, burning calories in Thailand. Tai Chi a form of Chinese martial art loved for its therapeutic exercise for fitness, health, and leisure. The basis of this exercise include balancing the body and mind, the flow of movement and breathing. If you are up to learning a new thing while on holiday, try learning Tai Chi Chuan. You can also enjoy Low impact aerobics, Power yoga, and High impact aerobics among others. Thailand is among the best countries that caters for digital nomads and even first-time backpackers.

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